Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Immortal Love Stories With Bite - Edited by P.C. Cast

Rachel Caine revisits the setting of her Morganville Vampires series, where the vampires are in charge and love is a risky endeavor, even when it comes to your own family.

Tantalize author Cynthia Leitich Smith gives us a love triangle between a vampire, a ghost, and a human girl, in which none of them are who or what they seem.

Claudia Gray takes us into the world of her Evernight series, in which a pre-Civil War courtesan-to-be is courted by a pale, fair-haired man whose attentions are too dangerous to spurn--in more ways than one.

Vampire Academy author Richelle Mead brings us the tale of a young vampire on the run from the rest of her kind, and the human boy who provides the getaway car--as well as a reason to keep running.

Wicked series writer Nancy Holder immerses us in a post-apocalyptic New York where two best friends are forced to make a choice that may kill them both.

Rachel Vincent explores a new corner of her Soul Screamers universe with the story of a leanan sidhe capable of inspiring the musician she loves to new creative heights--or draining him, and his talent, dry.

Master fantasist Tanith Lee shows us what happens when a bright young woman with some supernatural savvy encounters a misguided (but gorgeous) young vampire.

And Kristin Cast, co-author of the House of Night series, introduces us to a new kind of vampire: one with roots in Greek mythology, and the power to alter space and time to save the girl he's meant to love.

Title: Immortal Love Stories With Bite
Author: Edited by P.C. Cast
Genre: Young Adult, Vampire Fiction
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
My Rating: 3.75/5

1. Haunted Love - Cynthia Leitich Smith. Interesting premise, had some good twists to it. Good story though it didn't quite keep me 100% captivated. 3/5

2. Amber Smoke - Kristin Cast. I like this author. I thought this story was poorly executed. It had great potential, but I disliked the main character, and thought everything was poorly explained (MC's reactions to her situation). 2/5

3. Dead Man Stalking - Rachel Caine. A good background story for Shane. Loved this one, and was happy to see Shane get his own story. 5/5

4. Table Manners - Tanith Lee. Felt like I needed to read this with a British accent, not entirely sure why, but that seemed to work for me. Otherwise, interesting. 3.5/5

5. Blue Moon - Richelle Mead. Loved this one. I think it could be the start of a new series for Richelle. Set-up and execution leaves you wanting more. 5/5

6. Changed - Nancy Holder. Very dark, and visceral story. Not one of my favourites, but still was good. 4/5

7. Binge - Rachel Vincent. Enjoyable storyline. Will definitely be reading more from this author. 4/5

8. Free - Claudia Gray. Captivating and refreshing. Loved the heroine in this tale. 4/5

This book counts toward the 2010 100+ Reading Challenge hosted over at J. Kaye's book blog.

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Can't wait to get my hands on this as
other than for Tanith Lee,I have read their full length books. Really not a big short story reader but these are all excellent authors so I know they'll be great

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