Friday, July 8, 2011

Mystify - Artist Arthur

Sometimes being an outsider is the best way to fit in…

Sasha Carrington has grown up feeling like an outsider, and her parents are too concerned with scaling the Lincoln, Connecticut, social ladder to even notice her. They’d be really horrified to know about the supernatural abilities Sasha and her friends Krystal and Jake possess. But as part of the Mystyx, Sasha has found her place.

Now her parents have suddenly taken an interest in everything she does, and their timing couldn’t be worse. Sasha’s father wants her to become BFFs with snooty Alyssa Turner, who hates Krystal for stealing her boyfriend. Then there’s Antoine Watson, the boy Sasha has liked forever, the boy her parents would never approve of. But with the dark side getting more dangerous by the day, and the Mystyx’s own powers growing in unexpected ways, Sasha is facing choices that could affect her friends, her love life—and even her destiny…
Synopsis taken from goodreads

Title: Mystify (Mystyx #2) 
Author: Artist Arthur
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Publisher: Kimani Tru
Publication Date: February 1, 2011
Format: E-ARC
Source: Received from Netgalley. Many thanks goes to the Netgalley team for sending me a copy of this book for review. I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 
My rating: 3/5

As the daughter of one of the wealthiest couples in Lincoln, Sasha has her share of woes. Her parents only pay attention to her when they want her to do something for them, and they don't understand her relationship with her friends. Sasha has a lot to handle when her parents force her to buddy up with one of the meanest and cattiest girls at school to help draw attention to her father's new exclusive club; all on top of her emerging powers in the Mystyx. Sasha must juggle the needs of her family as well as her own budding talents, and the attention of her longtime crush. Will she be able to find out what is going on, before things take a turn for the worse?
Mystify picks up a few short weeks after the end of Manifest. Sasha comes to the forefront and we see how she reacts as she, Krystal and Jake learn more about their budding powers and the entity they must face. Sasha is a believable character, however her penchant for saying "me and Krystal" had me grinding my teeth. She is an exceptional student and ends up going on a class trip as a volunteer to watch and help out the other students with their projects. I had a hard time picturing her as saying "me and Krystal." It just didn't ring true for her personality. 
Krystal's character has improved from Manifest and we get to see a calmer, more relaxed side of her. Jake's powers are running him through a gamut of emotions making him moodier, but also stronger. 
This installment in the Mystyx series seems to be more about finding out how their powers are evolving and there isn't really any closure to an event that happened earlier in the book. The ending is anti-climatic but I think it's building for the next installment, Mayhem. It was an enjoyable read, and I liked the romance between Antonio and Sasha. 
All in all, a solid sequel to Manifest, which will leave you wanting to know if they will be able to win the upcoming battle. Some secrets are revealed while others continue to linger on as more characters and twists are added to the plot. 

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