Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Tour: Wildcat Fireflies - Amber Kizer - This or That List & Giveaway

Amber Kizer is here today with a This or That list courtesy of the Teen Book Scene blog tour for her book, Wildcat Fireflies. Thank you for being here today, Amber! You can follow along with the tour here, or by clicking through the banner. Enjoy!

Hot Dog or Hamburger? Hamburger. Preferably with cheese, bacon, and the works. With fries—preferably the curly seasoned ones. It’s hard to have a burger without fries.

Chocolate or Vanilla? This one isn’t easy. Are we talking ice cream or cake, people or flavors, flower color or wall color?…too many options. Ice cream—I’d rather have both with a couple other flavors thrown in and pecans. Cake—chocolate. People—if chocolate is passionate and vanilla bland, then I’ll take the chocolate personalities every time. Chocolate cosmos are gorgeous, but real vanilla bean is extremely sensual…I have to choose? Why? :)

Archie comics or Marvel comics? Don’t have an opinion. I know, I know, shoot me. I like graphic novels, not old school comics.

Hero or Villain? Villains are usually that way for a reason and sometimes they’re more interesting people.But to write from a character's point of view I am most invested in them personally above everyone else in the book.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Never liked Lord of the Rings in any form. Harry definitely.

Policemen or Firemen? We’re talking their hottie calendars, right? LOL. Then firefighters. If we’re talking need for protection then policemen! I’d rather not live without either, thanks!

Summer or Winter? Winter is easier to write during. Summer feeds my soul. Winter is really hard on my legs because the weather worsens the disease I live with. Summer is hard to write during because the sun seduces me and I want to be out in it!

Music or solitude? When I’m writing it’s always music. Always very specific playlists, mostly of music I only listen to while writing that book (by the time I’m finished writing I’m usually sick of it all). Sometimes it takes weeks or months for me to get the sound right to write to. I don’t mind being alone though so solitude has its place.

Fireflies or dragonflies? I think dragonflies are gorgeous and beautiful but there’s something magical about fireflies.Unfortunately we don't have them in Western WA.

Fantasy or Contemporary? Both. They are so different it’s impossible to compare.

Paper or Computer (for writing.) I type so fast that I stop thinking and my fingers just move. I know, I don’t STOP thinking, but my brain gets to take over and instead of composing in my head, I just get it on the page. But I also take notes when I’m reading at night or on the stationary bike or out and about and those are handwritten. I don’t have to always type—I could still do my job if computers went away, it would just take way way longer.

Hot or cold drink? Cold nine times out of ten. Tea either way.

Gothic or Victorian? Victorian. Lots of reviewers called MERIDIAN gothic and I laughed because I never considered it that (not that I saw it as Victorian either).

Baking or Cooking? Baking. No question.

Football or Basketball? Basketball. No question. But if that’s not an option football is good too.

Thanks very much for having me!
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Thank you for being here and listing your preferences, Amber! 

Amber Kizer has graciously provided Lost For Words with one copy of WILDCAT FIREFLIES, and one copy of 7 KINDS OF ORDINARY CATASTROPHES for giveaway.
Thank you, Amber! 
There will be TWO winners. One for each book. Books will be signed and personalized to the winners. 
Giveaway is US only. 
Giveaway will end July 14, 2011. 
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Thank you!! =)


Jessy said...

A lot of times I can't concentrate with the music on. I start singing to myself and lose my train of thought.

Steph said...

Cant wait to read this book! I find music very inspirational... that and pictures. :)

aurora M. said...

I want Wildcat so much! Love the first book! Thanks for the chance.

Jen said...

I have been waiting forever for this book to come out because I loved the first one so much! Thanks for this great giveaway!