Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Tour: Antara - Marilena Mexi - Asteria Character Interview

Marilena Mexi is here today with a character interview with her main character, Asteria, courtesy of the Teen Book Scene blog tour for her book, Antara. Thank you for being here today, Marilena and Asteria. You can follow along with the tour here. Enjoy!
Hi Asteria! Thank you for being here today!

It must be quite the responsibility to be Queen, even though you share the royal title with your grandfather. What is the most difficult part of being Queen for you?

The fact that I'm a very young queen makes things much more difficult. I have to try to prove constantly that I'm worthy of my title. I'm the daughter of a great king who was an exceptional leader and the merfolk expect the best from me. I must keep a balance to remain everyone happy; I think that's the most difficult part.

How has life been for you, growing up under your grandfather's care?

When my parents disappeared, I and my sister were left alone with our grandfather. In order to make us not feel that great absence, he devoted himself totally to us and gave us plenty of love and care. He's my father and my mother to me, and the immense love I feel for him is never going to fade. Thanks to him I learned to be brave, show sympathy to everyone around me and and above all, be a good queen.

When you met Orestis for the first time, what did you think of him?

When I met Orestis, my opinion about him changed radically. All these years there was a rumor that he's like a beast, evil and merciless. But when I stared into his eyes for the first time, I saw pain and loneliness. This angelic, sorrowful gaze broke my heart. My mind filled with doubt about what actually was his character; a strange feeling deluged me, and I wanted to forgive him for everything at once.

Why is Ivi so bitter and horrible to everyone?

Frankly, I could never understand Ivi's character. She's a girl who lives alone, without friends or family. I feel that she would like to be in my place and claim Aster for herself. However I don't discern honesty in her eyes; just her interest in titles and social status. Why is she so mean with everyone? I could never explain malice, I'm just assuming that jealousy is blinding her, making her a sick person with no reasonable thinking.

Do you think the people of Aster and the mer-folk will ever be united again?

Even if it's very difficult for me, I never stop hoping or dreaming; and in my dreams I see a peaceful Aster. I believe in my dreams and I strive to make them come true.

Thank you for answering my questions, Asteria, and thank you for being here, Marilena!

Marilena Mexi can be found on her website, her blog, and on twitter.

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