Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Tour: Shadow Hunters - Brent Hartinger - When I'm Not Writing

Today, Brent Hartinger, author of Shadow Walkers stops by to talk about what he does when not writing. This post is part of his blog tour for Shadow Walkers through Teen Book Scene. You can follow along with the tour here, or by clicking on the banner. Enjoy!

My “not writing” is more theoretical that reality, since I’m writing something almost all the time, mostly because I have a deadline looming. (I take on too many projects, but then again: if people are going to pay me to write – which is what I’ve dreamed of all my life -- why not do it?)

That said, I’m definitely not one of those “write every day” types. I love writing, but it’s extremely hard work for me, and when I’m not writing, I’m sooooo not writing. If I’m not writing and hanging around the house, I’m either reading, watching movies, or playing video games, or I’m over at this urban lake, Green Lake, which I live next to in Seattle. I never imagined how much fun it is to live on a lake – especially one you can walk all around because it’s completely surrounded by a park. In the winter, it freezes, and in the summer it’s full of swimmers, and the sunsets are fantastic regardless. It’s perfection!

If I’m away from home, that means my partner and I have thrown the bikes into the back of our car and have probably headed off somewhere to bike – preferably one of the islands in Puget Sound, which are my favorite places to be. Some are hilly (but that’s okay, because it makes a great workout), some are flat, some are big, some are small, some have towns, and some are almost deserted. But they’re all covered with wonderful Pacific Northwest forests, and winding roads and rocky beaches and farmlands. A couple of the islands even have these massive abandoned World War I forts to explore!

Seriously: me, a bike, a friend or two, a picnic lunch, and an island in Puget Sound is my idea of heaven.

Thank you so much for being here today, Brent! Love your idea of heaven! It sounds absolutely wonderful!
For those looking to know more about Shadow Walkers, I've included the book cover and description below.

Living with his grandparents on a tiny island off the Washington State coast, Zach feels cut off from the world. Especially when he's forbidden to chat with his online friends. But then his little brother, Gilbert, is kidnapped. To find him, Zach discovers how to astral project. Soon, his spirit is soaring through the strange and boundless astral realm—a shadow place.

While searching for his brother, Zach meets a boy named Emory, another astral traveler who's intriguing (and cute). As they track the kidnappers from the astral realm, their bond grows—but each moment could be Gilbert's last. Even worse, there's a menacing, centuries-old creature in their midst that devours souls and possesses physical bodies. And it's hungry for Zach.
Synopsis taken from goodreads.

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