Friday, May 21, 2010

Her Sanctuary - P.Q. Glisson

Shannon Mallory was a woman on the run….not from outside forces but from her own wounded heart. When she pulled up into the parking lot of The Last Resort Café, in the town of Sanctuary, little did she know she would find the one thing she never even knew she was searching for….true love.

Seth Proudfoot wasn’t looking for anything, except an end to his miserable existence. Accused of a crime he couldn’t remember committing, he was ostracized by a town that, ironically, bore the name of the one thing he could never find….Sanctuary.

When the two meet, neither can ignore the magnetic pull between them, but will Shannon allow her damaged spirit to trust a man…a man who may have murdered his own family?

Though Shannon is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, it is her spirit that breaks down the iron-clad shield around his heart. Their desire burns hotter than the Arizona desert, threatening to melt the very mountains that loom like silent Gods above their heads. But can their love survive a betrayal that could very well cost them both their lives?
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Title: Her Sanctuary (e-book)
Author: P.Q. Glisson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: iUniverse
My Rating: 3/5

I'll admit I was unprepared for the amount of sexual gratification there is in this novel. If you are a fan of lots of smut, then this is the book for you. If not, I'd highly advise not picking it up. The story opens with Shannon rolling into a little town called Sanctuary, and as she is inquiring about work in a small diner, she happens to see Seth and sparks fly. They both are attracted to each other and quickly develop a relationship. I was surprised at how quickly they consummated their relationship, especially considering both of their past histories. Shannon had been in an extremely volatile and abusive relationship that lasted for 10 years; and Seth had lost his family in a tragic accident. It was touching though, to see that they wouldn't let their respective pasts affect their futures.
I enjoyed the storyline, but thought it was bogged down almost too much with the steamy scenes. It seemed to stall for a bit, but then it picked up and the mystery came into play. I also thought that I was accident prone, but Shannon has me beat. She manages to nearly kill herself several times--accidentally of course!
The book was quite engaging, and it was a relatively quick read. I enjoyed the mystery in the story and thought it could have been explored more. I loved Millie's character, and wish that we could have learned more about her.
I found the narrative jumped around a lot though, and in several paragraphs, it would jump several times between Seth and Shannon. Once you got to know the characters it was easier to tell who was narrating as their voices were distinctive.
All in all, the book was good, though I wished it could have been fleshed out more in certain areas. It definitely is a romance with a little mystery thrown in.

DISCLAIMER: I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review. A huge thank you goes out to Phyllis Glisson for sending me this e-book for review.


P.Q. Glisson said...

Hi Corrine,
Thank you so much for your review. I appreciate your honest opinion and I will take into consideration your comments and apply them to my future writings. Maybe next time I'll keep the sex down to a "bare" minimum. lol
Thanks again and I hope you'll review my next novel. It's going to be a young adult book. I've got some chapters posted to my goodreads profile if you'd like to take a look. :)

Corrine said...

Hi Phyllis, Thank you for your comment! You don't have to do what I say, but I am honoured that you will take the comments into consideration. I would love to review your next book and have sent you an email as well as commented here. I hope you have a great weekend! :)