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Blog Tour: The Gailean Quartet - Christine Schulze - Teenage Garage Sale

Christine Schulze stops by today with a teenage garage sale post courtesy of the Teen Book Scene blog tour for her books from The Gailean Quartet. Thank you for being here Christine! You can follow along with the tour here, or by clicking through the banner. Enjoy! 

Lol, well, I sort of see myself as just entering my teen years, although I am 23. ^_^ I attended Christian schools and seemed to bypass the whole rebellious, boy-crazy stage of life. However, I do recently find myself becoming more assertive, stubborn even, and self-confident, not to mention more free-spirited, so perhaps I am just starting late? Enough rambling though. Welcome to my yard sale; allow me to showcase my wares!

1. Three colorful, striped paperclips. Nope, not joking. In middle school, I got to sit next to the boy and best friend I would crush on for seven years plus (sadly, he never reciprocated these feelings, but gladly, I have found my love in another ^_^). I found them on my desk one day, and since he had the exact same kind, I believe to this day in his bestowing them upon me. You’ll hear more about this guy later on. ($.25 each or all three for just $.50!)

2. The Neverending Story III; I seriously just got this movie, and someone, please take it away. I now know why I hated this as a kid. They took a great fantasy series and turned the last in the trilogy into an eighties nightmare with cheap humor and ill-placed Jim Henson creatures. Buy, if you dare. ($2.00)

3. A lovely bracelet, silver with stones all colors of the rainbow. Given to me by my first boyfriend. He was a great guy, but not true love. May this bracelet bring luck to the lucky girl who buys it, and may it grant luck to him so he finds the right sweetheart for himself! ($7.00)

4. My Chopin piano book. Loved taking piano, but DESPISED Chopin. He’s a crazy dude when it comes to composing. (Take this one for free, get it outta my sight!)

5. May as well throw in my theory books as well. People say I play the piano very well, but I think part of the reason I never excelled is because I really hated piano theory. I just wanted to play. ($.50 each, free if you TAKE THE CHOPIN BOOK!)

6. A blue sweater, reminiscent of a blue sweater of the boy whom I crushed on for seven plus years. If you like vampires, you should consider reading about the character he inspired in Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress. Likewise, if you like fairies and elves, check out his character in The Hero Chronicles. Then, go buy the sweater. ($5.00)

7. Miracle Cat; lol, here’s another free item. It’s this completely awful book a best friend of mine and I wrote in middle school. (I’ll sell to your for $.25; then, when I am famous, you can sell it for millions ^_^)

8. A red gift bag. Lame, yes, I know it sounds lame. But it’s from that first boyfriend I mentioned, where I used to keep all the stuff he gave me, and guess what? Still looks good as new. ($.15)

9. The Heart of the Ocean; this is another seven-year-crush-dude-related item. It’s a lovely little necklace, a heart of “diamonds” on a silver chain. My mom originally won it for free at a Hallmark store. In The Legends of Surprisers series, one of the characters my crush inspired gives me this necklace. You have no clue how long I wore that thing. Another great item to make you rich and famous when I am as well. Though, I wouldn’t sell this one. I’d set this one on display and charge people to see it. ^_^ ($12.00)

10. A snow globe; also from my first boyfriend. It appears in The Hero Chronicles, and who knows? Maybe if you buy it, then, just as in the book, you’ll be whisked away to your own kingdom, crown, and shining silver knight in armor. ($7.00)

Thank you for being here today, Christine! You have some interesting items up for grabs, but I'm with you on piano theory. Forget it! ;)

Christine can be found on her website, and on her blog.

You can enter HERE to win a copy of The Gailean Quartet on Christine's blog. 

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