Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

Romance was not part of Nora Grey's plan. She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school, no matter how hard her best friend, Vee, pushes them at her. Not until Patch comes along. With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her, Patch draws Nora to him against her better judgment. 
But after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora's not sure whom to trust. Patch seems to be everywhere she is and seems to know more about her than her closest friends. She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth that is way more unsettling than anything Patch makes her feel.
For she is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those who have fallen--and, when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choice will cost Nora her life.

Title: Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush #1)
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Angels.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster BFYR
Publication Date: October 13, 2009
Source: Own.
My rating: 4/5

When an impromptu seating re-assignment lands the dark and mysterious Patch as Nora's new lab partner, she is less than thrilled. Things take an even creepier turn for her when she realizes that he knows more about her than he should. Outside of class, she can't help but notice that he seems to pop up everywhere as well. Nora is dealing with conflicted emotions, and doesn't know whether to give in to them or not. Something about Patch draws her ever closer to him, like a moth to flame, but she also senses that there is something dangerous about him. When she learns the truth, she is left with a choice. Either one could prove to be the wrong one. 
I'm falling on the bandwagon a little late, but I've had Hush, Hush in my possession since it first released. It had huge displays at my local Chapters, and I couldn't help picking it up and buying it. Knowing how many books I have on my reading list, I held off on reading it. In some ways, I'm glad I held off, because I could read Hush, Hush and Crescendo back to back, but in other ways, I wish I had read it right off the bat.
Nora's a great protagonist. She's not perfect, but she's real. She has decisions to make that aren't necessarily healthy for her. She's attracted to the "bad boy" and needs to figure out her feelings for him, as they are mixed. She also needs to figure out who she can trust. I liked her friendship with Vee, and I enjoyed her interaction and chemistry with Patch. 
Vee is Nora's best friend. She's laugh out loud funny, and adds a dose of humour to the book. She stabilizes Nora when Nora is upset, and is an all around great friend. She tries to set up Nora with other guys and doesn't trust Patch. She is there for Nora even when Nora makes decisions that she doesn't agree with. 
Patch is a complex character. He's got the bad boy persona down, but he has a sensitive, tender side as well. It's hidden, but it's there. He seems feral, and edgy at times, and he'll do whatever it takes, but when it comes to Nora he softens up a bit. His history is intriguing, and some of the stuff that he's done or does should have Nora running away screaming. Whether she does or not is another story. I have to admit, I loved Hush, Hush, and had a fan girl crush on Patch. I could see Adam Lambert as Patch if they ever made Hush, Hush into a movie. 
The secondary characters added more to the storyline as well, as they established plausible doubt, and kept me guessing as to what their involvement in the story was, and how that would affect Nora.
All in all, a compelling story, and an excellent debut. I wish I had picked it up earlier as I enjoyed it so much. Memorable characters, and a well-scripted plot will keep me coming back for more. This is definitely one that I'll be re-reading. 

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