Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Tour: Shades of Atlantis - Carol Oates - Guest Post & Giveaway

I am honoured to announce that Carol Oates is here today with a guest post as part of the Teen Book Scene blog tour for her book Shades of Atlantis. I reviewed Shades of Atlantis yesterday and thought it was a refreshing and enjoyable read. I hope you all get a chance to read it. You can follow along with the tour here
What books did you enjoy reading while growing up?

I vaguely recall storytime in school as a very young child although I don’t recall the specific stories. We used to lay our heads on our desk while the teacher read and I recall it being a very happy part of the day. The very first book I remember picking out myself and then treasuring until it fell apart in my hands was a children’s copy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was to be the first of many books over the years.

I enjoyed stories with mystery, Nancy Drew and The Famous Five. I remember being so excited about my first taste of ginger beer on holiday in the Isle of Man. Even at a young age I tended to gravitate towards fairytales and stories with a supernatural element. I read a lot of books about Irish legends and folklore, most of which are fairly dark and full of Magic but many with the strong female characters I liked.

My love of books was in no way limited. When I was thirteen I took it upon myself to read The Bible cover to cover twice. The area where I grew up in Dublin is surrounded by a long history with vampires, since Bram Stoker was born here, so I probably read Dracula earlier that I should have, but it was then I discovered the classics in a big way. Shakespeare, The Bronte sisters, Austin , Twain, Dickens… I basically read anything and everything I could get my hands on. Something that hasn’t changed to this day.

I think if I had to choose a favorite book growing up and the one that still remains my favorite to this day I would say The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I read it over and over and I never get tired of it.

Thank you for being here today, Carol. I love your book list! I have to confess that I haven't read "The Princess Bride" yet, but I do have it sitting on my shelf. As for the others, sadly most of them have been neglected as well, though I do love Shakespeare's works. :)

Courtesy of Carol Oates I have a PDF e-copy of Shades of Atlantis up for grabs to one lucky winner. 
Thank you, Carol!
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Pisinat said...

I LOVE the Famous Five! It this series that made me love reading =D

Thanks for the giveaway :)

CarolOates said...

Thank you for hosting me on the blog tour and for taking the time to write such a long review. I really enjoyed it.

ArtemisG said...
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