Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Divergent Interview with Veronica Roth: Rules to Live By

Veronica Roth stops by today on the whirlwind tour for her book, Divergent, courtesy of Teen Book Scene. I hope you all enjoy the interview! This is the last stop on the tour, but you can go back and read all of her other interviews by following along with the tour here, or by clicking through the banner.

Would you have a hard time choosing a faction to join?

I’ve decided there’s a difference between figuring out which faction you have aptitude for and choosing which one you’d like to be in. No one fits into a faction perfectly, so determining your aptitude is extremely difficult. But as for choosing a faction, it’s all about priorities. Do you value happiness over justice? You might be Amity. How about honesty over kindness? Candor. And I would choose Dauntless, probably, because I believe in freedom and justice over comfort and safety. I might die during initiation. I’m almost sure of it, actually.

Give me three reasons (each) why you would and wouldn't want to be in Tris' place.

Why I Would:
1. She gets to see the Dauntless compound.
2. She gets to ride trains frequently. (I love trains.)
3. She is encouraged to get tattoos.

Why I Wouldn’t:
1. She has to go through a tough initiation.
2. She doesn’t get to read books.
3. Her world is falling apart.

What rules to live by would you give to those living in a Divergent themed world? 

I would start with:
1. If you’re concerned about safety, don’t choose Dauntless.
2. If you’re not physically fit, don’t choose Dauntless.
3. If you don’t want to face your fears in a simulated reality…don’t choose Dauntless.
4. And if you don’t like to be uncomfortably open with the people around you, don’t choose Candor.
5. If you’re Divergent…DON’T TALK ABOUT IT.
6. Stay away from needles.
7. You can probably trust people from Candor and Abnegation.

You find yourself standing with the business end of a sword pointed at you. You need back-up. Which character do you want to come to your aid? Why them?

I would have to say Four. He’s an instructor, for one thing, so he’s really good with weapons and combat of any kind. He also thinks well on his feet and tends to remain calm, and has a history of stepping out to help people, no matter how well he knows them.

Thank you so much for these answers, and for being here today, Veronica!
If these answers don't have you clamoring for a copy of DIVERGENT, I don't know what will.
As added incentive, here is the book trailer. Doesn't it make you want to run out right now to grab a copy?

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