Friday, December 10, 2010

Day of the Dragon - Rebecca York

Dr. Madison Dartmoor is set to present her career-making findings at a Las Vegas archaeology summit until a violent attack at her dig site forces her into silence. Everyone--including the mystery man who saved her life--wants to know what she found. 
Ramsey Gallagher knows he isn't human. Beyond that, his life is an enigma, and ever since a battle with his twin brother, his mental powers haven't felt the same. He can no longer even manipulate the rolling of the dice. But he's not in Vegas to strike it rich. 
He's there to find clues to his past that only Madison can unearth. He never expected for her to be so beautiful, or for her life to be in danger. Now he'll do anything to keep her safe--the secret to his own life depends on it. 

Title: Day of the Dragon
Author: Rebecca York
Genre: Adult Fiction, Paranormal
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Publication Date: December 7, 2010
Source: Received from publicist. Many thanks goes to Dana from Kaye Publicity for sending me this book for review. I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 
My rating: 3.5/5

Ramsey Gallagher is a man with a past. The battle he had with his brother did something to his powers, and now he can't do even the simplest things, like manipulate dice. He is intrigued by an archaeologist when she is set to present her findings on a new dig. He thinks the dig location has something to do with his past, and his interest deepens further when the archaeologist, Madison, cancels the presentation. Now he'll do anything to find out what she uncovered, and keep her safe from the attempts on her life. 
Day of the Dragon is a stand alone novel set in The Moon Series world. Ramsey Gallagher was  a side character in The Moon Series, but is now giving us his story. I found that it took me a while to like Ramsey. He seemed more apt to compel those around him to do his bidding, rather than get out of an ordeal normally. He would compel Madison to fall asleep so she would rest, rather than answer her questions, among other things. Once I got to know him though, I found I enjoyed his story more, and I found that I was quickly immersed in the world York created. It is a suspenseful, yet light and steamy read. The bad guy's identity was unmasked early on, and while the book was somewhat predictable up until that point, it continues on, and York sucker punches us with a plot twist and another devious character. 
I really liked Madison's character, and thought she was a pretty strong female lead, but I found she relied almost too much on the male characters. She didn't question Ramsey as much as I thought she could have, and seemed to come to terms quickly with his nature once it was revealed to her. Some questions that the reader might have about Ramsey's background are also answered within the final chapters of the book, bringing some resolution. 
All in all a welcome addition to The Moon Series world. A captivating and imaginative read. Ramsey and Madison have intense chemistry and several scenes become decidedly steamy. Fans of York's will enjoy this companion novel. 

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