Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Tour: Losing Faith - Denise Jaden - Interview

I'd like to welcome Denise Jaden here today. Denise is the author of Losing Faith, which is a pretty amazing book. It's chock full of intrigue, religious fanaticism, love, and loss. If you haven't read it yet, I urge you to pick it up. 
Denise is here courtesy of the Teen Book Scene blog tour. If you want to follow along with the tour, please follow the link here. If you want to know more about Denise, you can find her at her website linked here

If you were faced with the same circumstances that Brie was, would you do anything differently? How would you react?

I think Brie found herself in a crazy-hard situation, losing her sister in strange and confusing circumstances, and honestly, I think she did pretty well with it. She was probably a little caught up in her feelings and grief and maybe didn’t figure things out as quickly as she could have, but I don’t think I could expect any more from myself or anyone else in the wake of something so traumatic. So, no, I don’t think I’d do anything differently, and would be happy if I handled myself and my circumstances as well as Brie.

Do any of the characters have theme songs, if so, what are they?

I’m not the type of writer who associates songs strongly with my stories or characters. I love music and I love stories, but in my brain I have trouble connecting the two. I would, however, love to hear from readers who have songs in mind that go with Losing Faith!

What books would Brie identify with or love?

Brie loves a good love story. Even though she has more realistic expectations now about guys, she still likes to let her heart expand a little with the idea of romance. She loves deep and quiet guys (like Alis) so I think she’d love one of my favorites, THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER by Sarah Dessen.

What would the front page headline of a newspaper say about you?

From Mushroom Farmer to Polynesian Dancer to Young Adult Author.

If you could be any building in the world, which building would you be, and why?

Well, first of all, I have no desire to be an inanimate object of any kind! LOL. But if I HAD to choose a building, I guess I’d choose something like The Pentagon. There's a lot going on inside there, and I definitely don’t think it would be boring!

Love those answers, Denise! Thank you for being here. I agree, I don't think the Pentagon would be a boring place at all! :) I find it neat that "Losing Faith" was a NaNoWriMo novel! That is awesome! 

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Great interview! I don't think I would want to be a building either!!