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Blog Tour: Knit The Season - Kate Jacobs - Review - Interview - Giveaway

For college-age Dakota Walker, whipping up butter tarts and chocolate-orange scones at pastry school has become her passion, but she'll never give up knitting and gabbing on Friday nights at Walker and Daughter. The coziest yarn shop on Manhattan's Upper West Side, Walker and Daughter has also been a haven for Peri, Darwin, Lucie, KC, Anita, and Catherine--the women who have become Dakota's dearest friends, her big sisters, and sometimes her surrogate mothers.
With the holidays just around the corner, the women have even more reason to celebrate: There's a special wedding planned for New Year's Day. And in the meantime, Dakota is working to finish a sweater her mother started before she was born. As she takes on her mother's pattern, she learns from her family and friends that there was much more history in these stitches than she had anticipated, and that to build on her mother's legacy, Dakota must allow herself to become the woman she truly desires to be. 

Title: Knit the Season (A Friday Night Knitting Club Novel #3)
Author: Kate Jacobs
Genre: Adult Fiction, Chick-Lit, Seasonal, Knitting
Publisher: Berkley Books
Publication Date: November 2, 2010
Source: Received from publicist. Many thanks goes to Beth from Penguin Canada for sending me this book for review. I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
My rating: 3.5/5

Dakota is home from college, and hoping to intern at a restaurant over the holidays. She is surrounded by her family, and friends, and is hoping to finish up one of her mother's UFO's for Christmas. Her shop, founded by her mother, is still hanging in there, and the Friday night knitting club is still meeting there faithfully. The hustle and bustle of the season is just around the corner, and through this novel, we are immersed in the spirit of the season. 
This is the first book in the series that I have read. I hadn't realized there were two books beforehand, but found that all of the characters were integrated skillfully into the story. I did not find it in any way confusing having started with book three. I did find that there were a lot of main characters as the series centers around 7 or 8 women, but I did not find them overwhelming. Dakota's mother, Georgia, passed away a few years prior to this novel, and the loss is still there for Dakota and her friends. 
This is a cute holiday read. I found it quite enjoyable, and I loved the flashbacks to scenes from Georgia's past. I also really enjoyed Dakota's Gran, and the sage advice she gives Dakota as she states that we need to find joy in the everyday experiences. Knit the Season encompasses the holiday season from Thanksgiving through to New Year's bringing with it a whirlwind of activity. Dakota is the primary character in this book, but throughout the holidays we also jump to the other characters as well and follow along with their lives. 
All in all, a cute holiday read to get you in the mood for the season without leaving your seat. You can live vicariously through the characters and feel like you've come away wiser with the advice that Gran, and some of the other ladies dish out. Knit the Season is a great escape from a cold and wintry day. 


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Jacobs as part of the Penguin blog tour for her book, "Knit the Season". Here are her answers. 

What inspired you to write the Friday Night Knitting Club series?

KJ: I’ve written stories since a very young age, though FNKC was my first novel. Telling stories drives me. In the case of FNKC, I focused on the themes of friendship and forgiveness. I’m lucky: I still have good friends from my days at Coquihalla Elementary in Hope, BC – we’ve known each other more than 30 years now. I believe very strongly in the importance of having a support network and this personal feeling infuses the novel. Even though it’s fiction! Just to be clear: The characters are not based on real people. I try to incorporate characters who are believable and whose struggles resonate with readers. The third installment in the series, Knit the Season, is just out in paperback, and this segment is designed to highlight the feelings of celebration, joy, and remembrance that are the hallmark of the holidays.

What books would Dakota enjoy and love?

KJ: Probably Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, some type of muffin cookbook, and the book of her mother’s original knitting designs. Oh, and of course Dakota wishes FNKC member Catherine would hurry up and finish her murder mystery, Dead Men Don’t ReMarry.

What do you have coming up next? Anything you can share about prospective works?

KJ: Most of my friends are juggling it all, and that’s my lifestyle as well. You know, the past few years have been a whirlwind of excitement: Four books published since 2007 – the three in the knitting series and Comfort Food -- and a book tour with each version. Plus, I telephoned book clubs on a near-daily basis. So I made a point in 2010 to go at a slower pace! It’s proved to be the right thing. My latest writing project is a novel titled Relativity and I’ve just needed to take my time with this story. This new novel is about motherhood and daughterhood, but with a twist. I’m having a lot of fun and I expect to finish Relativity in coming months; it will come to stores some time after that. As well, I continue to schedule book club call-ins, which are tremendous fun. And I'm running a few special giveaways on my website,, to celebrate the paperback release of Knit the Season, including one in which the Grand Prize is a trip to LA. Canadians are eligible! All the fine print and entry instructions are on my website.

Are there any quirks you employ while writing?

KJ: Ummmm, good question. My “technique” involves a lot of napping, the wearing of pajamas, notes about themes and plot thumbtacked to a giant bulletin board, a detailed outline of character bios that I tweak regularly, and, on occasion, candy rewards if I hit my daily page count. I do respond well to treats!

If you could meet a character from any book ever written, which character and book would you choose and why?

KJ: Is this a trick question? Isn't Anne of Green Gables the only possible answer? Why? Because she’s awesome: courageous, intelligent, loyal. Not to mention she has such memorable hair. She's the kind of friend and champion we all want to have in our lives. Truthfully, I can imagine an endless list of characters I would like to meet but my answer would go on forever!

Thank you, Corrine!

Thank you, Kate, for being here today and answering these questions for me. I love your technique and agree with your answer about Anne! Relativity sounds like it is going to be a great read as well! I hope the writing continues to go well for you!


Beth, from Penguin Canada has graciously provided Lost for Words with TWO signed copies of Kate Jacobs' paperback release of Knit the Season. The only stipulation is that you must have a Canadian mailing address. 
The contest will end November 20, 2010. 
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