Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Bookshelves.

This past weekend, I ended up shelving all of my books. Well, the ones that I have received in the last little while. I still have several boxes full, but I figured I'd post these pictures of my shelves.

This first picture is a "collage" of my first two book cases. I ended up taking two different pictures and getting the angles different so I merged the two pictures.

The second picture (located below) is of the last two bookcases that I have. In total I have four full bookcases, and 1 half book case (not pictured) as well as several boxes full of books yet. Clearly, I own too many books. I apologize in advance for the double stacking. Several books get "lost" because they are hidden behind the rest.


Unknown said...

I just redid all my shelves today - I need to take some photo's and share too! :) Great shelves, girl you got SOO Many books!

So are all those things you have not read yet, or a combo of read and not read?

Unknown said...

Hehe! That looks a lot like my house. Love it! Too many books? No such thing!

Corrine said...

Jenn, it is a combination of books that I have read and haven't read. (More so books that I haven't read). Eep. It's an addiction... I can't seem to stop buying books, but I end up shelving them and reading the books that I get from the library first. *sighs* I need to stop going to the library and just read what I own. lol!

Nisa, I agree! No such thing as too many books! I'm glad that there's someone else out there with this many books! :D

Jennifer @ Mrs. Q: Book Addict said...

Great shelves! The double stacking is an issue I have as well....

Allie said...

I love seeing books on shelves. It makes me all excited. :)
When I was living at home, the linen closet outside my door was home to my books. They were triple and quadruple stacked in the closet and I had to pull everything out to find what i wanted.
Since moving, I only have my classics on display (since that is what I am reading). When I packed to move into this apartment, I had 26 boxes full of books. the two I emptied didn't really make a dent...One day I will lots of shelves!