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Blog Tour: Possess - Gretchen McNeil - Tens List

Gretchen McNeil is here today with a tens list courtesy of the Teen Book Scene blog tour for her soon to be released, Possess. Thank you for being here today, Gretchen! You can follow along with the tour here, or by clicking through the banner. Enjoy!


10. Pedicures. I’ve gotten sort of obsessed with them, changing my polish like every three of four days. It may be mentally unhealthy, but at least my toes are pretty.

9. Shoe shopping. Okay, I’ve always been a shoe shopper (my closet is packed) but I’ve definitely been allowing myself to indulge more recently. I consider it comfort food…for the soul. Besides, it coincides with #10.

8. Online jigsaw puzzles. At my day job, I have lots of downtime. Instead of habitually checking my Amazon rating or my Goodreads star meter, I’ve been doing jigsaw puzzles online. Yes, I realize this makes me sound like a 70 year old woman. But at least I don’t have an ulcer. Yet.

7. The Cooking Channel. I find cooking to be therapeutic and recently my TiVo is full of cooking shows, and I’m cranking out new recipes several nights a week. My recent fave? Ina Garten’s engagement roast chicken. Lemon garlicky goodness!

6. Old episodes of Twin Peaks. I realize I’m dating myself when I say that I watched this show in high school, but whatever. I borrowed a friend’s DVD box set and I’ve been working my way through. Dammit, this show is genius. Creepy, crawly, scary, whacky, fantastic genius.

5. Sudoku. Like jigsaw puzzles only nerdier.

4. Walking the dog. I swear I’ve lost 20 lbs. in the last few months, hauling my 6lb Maltese all around the neighborhood. After about an hour, he looks at me like, “Really? Can’t we just go home now, crazy lady?” Hey, it relieves stress!

3. Books on haunted houses. I’ve become strangely fascinated with first hand accounts of haunted houses, mostly in England and Ireland. This can’t be healthy, can it? (Oh well, maybe it’ll inspire a new book…)

2. Happy hours. Okay, like with shoe shopping, it’s not like I need book stress as an excuse to hit my favorite L.A. happy hour locales with friends, but it certainly relaxes me. =)

1. Chocolate. I really don’t feel I need to explain this.

Thank you for this awesome list, Gretchen, and thank you for being here today! 

Gretchen McNeil can be found on her website, her blog, and on twitter.


Gretchen McNeil is an opera singer, writer and clown. Her YA horror/paranormal POSSESS debut with Balzer + Bray for HarperCollins, August 23, 2011. Her second novel, TEN – YA horror/suspense about ten teens trapped on a remote island with a serial killer – is tentatively scheduled for a Fall 2012 release. Gretchen is a former coloratura soprano, the voice of Mary on G4's Code Monkeys and she currently sings with the LA- based circus troupe Cirque Berzerk ( Gretchen is also a founding member of the vlog group YARebels ( where she can be seen as "Monday."


Fifteen-year-old Bridget Liu just wants to be left alone: by her mom, by the cute son of a local police sergeant, and by the eerie voices she can suddenly and inexplicably hear. Unfortunately for Bridget, it turns out the voices are demons – and Bridget has the rare ability to banish them back to whatever hell they came from.

Terrified to tell people about her new power, Bridget confides in a local priest who enlists her help in increasingly dangerous cases of demonic possession. But just as she is starting to come to terms with her new power, Bridget receives a startling message from one of the demons. Now Bridget must unlock the secret to the demons' plan before someone close to her winds up dead – or worse, the human vessel of a demon king.
Synopsis taken from goodreads.

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