Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Tour: Firelight - Sophie Jordan - Excerpt

Hello all! Earlier this week, Firelight released, and today I have an excerpt from the book to post for Sophie Jordan's blog tour! You can find all of the tour details here. The next stop will be hosted by Katie over at Sophistikatied. You can find Sophie's website here for more information about Firelight, and the rest of the Firelight books.
This excerpt is taken from an uncorrected proof. 

The bell rings, and I’m on my feet with everyone else.
Ferret Eyes turns to me and introduces himself. “Hey.” He nods slowly, giving me a full appraisal. “I’m Ken.”
“Hi,” I manage, wondering if he somehow thought his “double the pleasure” remark won me over.
“Need help finding your next class?”
“No. I’m good. Thanks.” Stepping past him, I hurry to my locker, head down.
Tamra’s waiting for me. “How’s it going?” she asks brightly.
Her smile slips. “You have to be open to it, Jace. Only you can decide to be happy.”
I work the combination, mess up, and try again. “Enough with the psychology please.”
She shrugs and fingers her iron-flat hair. It took her an hour in the bathroom to accomplish the feat, but she saw it in a magazine and wanted to match the picture. My own red-gold hair trails down my back in a frizzy, crackling mess. Wild with static. Like the rest of me, it misses the mist.
I survey her, so chic in her snug red top, dark jeans, and knee-high boots she bought over the weekend at a thrift store. Several guys walk past and do a double take. She’s at home in this world, not suffering any of my unease, not even pining for Cassian anymore. And I’m happy for her. Really. If only her happiness wasn’t my misery.
“I’ll try,” I promise, meaning it. It’s not like I want to ruin this for her.
“Oh. I almost forgot.” She digs in her satchel. “Look. They’re having tryouts for next year’s cheerleading squad.”
I glance down at the bright orange flyer in her hand and wince at the cartoons of tiny pom-poms and somersaulting, short-skirted girls.
She waggles the paper. “We should try out together.”
I finally get my locker open and swap out textbooks. “Nah. You go ahead.”
“But you’re so”—her amber gaze sweeps over me meaningfully—“athletic.” She might as well have said draki.
I shake my head and open my mouth to stress my unwillingness, then, stop. My flesh shivers. The tiny hairs at my nape prickle in alert. A textbook slips from my fingers, but I don’t move to pick it up.
Tamra lowers the flyer. “What? What is it?”
I stare over her shoulder, down the crowded hall. A warning bell peals, and everyone’s movements become frenzied. Lockers slam and the soles of shoes squeal against the tiled floor.
I remain still.
“Jace, what?”
I shake my head, unable to speak as my gaze darts over every face. Then I find him. See him. The one I sought before I even realized it, before I even understood . . . The beautiful boy. My skin snaps tight.
“Jacinda, what is it? We’re going to be late to class.”
I don’t care. I don’t move. It can’t be him. He can’t be here. Why would he be here?
But it is him.
He leans against the lockers, taller than everyone around him. Twirly hair Brooklyn plays with the hem of his shirt, shamelessly leaning into him, glossy lips moving nonstop. He smiles, nods, listens as she chatters, but I sense that he doesn’t really care, that he’s somewhere else . . . or wants to be. Just like me.
I can’t look away.
Honey brown hair falls over his brow carelessly, and I remember it darkly wet and slicked back from his face. I remember the two of us alone in a cave, his hand on mine and that spark that passed between us before his face became so stark and angry. Before he vanished.
Tamra sighs beside me and twists around to see. “Ah,” she murmurs knowingly. “Yummy. Too bad though. It looks like he’s got a girlfriend. You’ll have to set your sights on someone else—” Facing me, she gasps. “Jace! You’re glowing!”
That jerks my attention back. I glance down at my arms. My skin blurs in and out, shimmering faintly, like I’ve been dusted with gold.
The draki in me stirs, tingling, yearning to come out.
“God, get a grip, jeez!” Tamra hisses, leaning closer. “You see a hot guy and start to manifest? Have some control.”
But I can’t. That’s what Tamra never understood. When emotions run high, the draki surfaces. In times of fear, excitement, arousal . . . the draki comes out. It’s the way we are.
I look back at Will and pleasure whips through me. And beneath it, fear at what his being here means.
My sister grabs my arm and squeezes almost cruelly. “Jacinda, stop it! Stop it now!”
Will’s head lifts with the suddenness of a predator scenting its prey and I wonder if hunters are really human at all. If maybe they aren’t just as otherworldly as the draki. He looks around, searching the hall as I struggle to get myself under control. Before he sees me. Before he knows.
My lungs start to smolder, the familiar burn catching the exact moment his hazel eyes lock on mine.
The slam of my locker jars me and I tear my gaze off him. To Tamra. Her hand presses flat my locker, her fingertips white where they dig hard into the metal.
The last bell sounds.
With a quick dip, she grabs my books off the floor and drags me toward the bathroom. I glance over my shoulder as bodies empty the hall in a rush of unnatural scents. Perfumes, colognes, lotions, hair sprays, gels . . . they clog my senses. Here, nothing feels real. Except the boy staring after me. He watches. His gleaming gaze following, stalking me like the predator I sense in him. He moves away from the lockers in a loping, catlike motion.
My draki continues to stir, awake and alive at the hungry way he watches me. My skin quivers, the flesh of my back tingling, itchy where my wings push. I keep them buried. Buried, but not dormant.
Tamra’s hand tugs harder, pulling me. And I lose sight of him. He’s swallowed up in the flurry of humankind around me, like so many moths bumping and dancing around a light, congesting the hallway.
But I still feel him. Yearn for him. Know he’s there even when I no longer see him.

© Sophie Jordan. 

Doesn't this make you just want to go out and read this book? I know I am definitely interested in reading this as soon as I possibly can! I hope you enjoyed this teaser! :)


Miranda said...

I already knew I was going to buy this book at some point, but I had others in line before it. But, now after your teaser I am going to straight out to buy it after work. I can't wait, oh wow. This sounds amazing!

Luxa said...

This bok was soooo inspirational and after reading it I wrote my own book and ot it published 290,000 people now read it ...Thank you so much Sophie Jordan!
- Luxa