Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog Tour: The Absolute Value of -1, Steve Brezenoff, Guest Post, and Giveaway.

Today I would like to welcome The Absolute Value of -1 author, Steve Brezenoff here. This post kicks off his blog tour with The Teen Book Scene. The tour will move to Kari's blog tomorrow, and you can follow along with the rest of the tour here. To find out more about Steve, and The Absolute Value of -1, you can check out his website

What books (2-3) would each of the main characters personally identify with, or love?

Simon: He reads a few books during |-1|, so I’ll start with The Sun Also Rises, which he says he loves right in the pages. It’s great because the protagonist, Jake, had . . . well, an inability to act with his love interest. I won’t say anymore about that, except that Simon isn’t exactly one for swift action in the face of tragedy, either.
Simon also reads Franny & Zooey, but I think The Catcher in the Rye is probably his preferred Salinger work. Let’s face it: Holden Caulfield and he have a lot in common: uncommonly strong affection for their sisters, a tendency to objectify the opposite sex, and being sort of obnoxious, tiresome, depressed jerkwads!
And speaking of doing something, here’s . . .

Noah: I don’t know that Noah is likely to pick up a book, honestly, but if he were forced, he’d first probably go for The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. The kid’s kind of a horn-dog, so we’re being honest here. And hey, most teen male readers gravitate to the nonfiction section, right?
Along similar lines, I can imagine him grabbing a copy of The Art of War by Sun Tzu—anything to give him an upper hand in society would be his thing.

Lily: She’s a math whiz, so she couldn’t possibly resist John Green’s masterpiece (IMHO) An Abundance of Katherines. I can imagine her enjoying the mathy epilogue more than the novel itself, even!
I also think Lily might be into Hamlet. I mean, she loves Simon, so it stands to reason she’d love the most melancholy, emo-est “protagonist” of all time, right? (I put that word in quotes because a protagonist should traditionally do something, rather than sit around thinking and crying. I think that sums it up.)

It looks like they have quite the eclectic taste in reading material! I think I'll be picking up a few of these books to see what they're all about! What a great list! :) 


I'll keep the rules short and sweet. 
Comment on this post with your email address for a chance to win my copy (gently used) of the Absolute Value of -1 and a couple of bookmarks. (Thank you, Steve, for providing me with this copy and the bookmarks! :) 
Feel free to include what YOUR favourite book is in your comment. :) 
Giveaway is open to the US and Canada only. (Sorry to those of you who are international!) :(
Giveaway ends October 8th, 2010.
Giveaway has ENDED. Thank you to those who participated!


Jessi E. said...

This book sounds really interesting! Please enter me in the contest!

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Daw, I think I love Simon!
I always fall for the jerkwads ;)

I'd love to win this!

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ape2016 said...

sounds different from what I normally read, but I would like to try it

Meredith said...

This doesn't sound like my normal read, but it sounds good! My favorite book is Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon.

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Beverly said...

Thanks for hosting - please enter me!

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I'd love to be entered in your draw! My favourite book (right now) is Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.

Miranda said...

I have been interested in this book, I'd love to give it a try!

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I love the book questions!! That's awesome :)

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thank you for the contest - this sounds like a good read!

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