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Blog Tour: Nickel Plated - Aric Davis - Tens List & Giveaway

Today, Aric Davis is here as part of the Teen Book Scene blog tour for his book Nickel Plated. You can follow along with the tour here. Otherwise, relax and enjoy the Tens List.

Top Ten Bands Nickel Thinks You Should Listen To

10. North Lincoln
This defunct Grand Rapids three piece had amazing lyrics, and a gritty raw sound that never got old. Though they only put out two records, both albums are wonderful and deserving of a listen.
9. Chuck Ragan
Former front man for the band Hot Water Music, Ragan is possibly even better as a solo artist. His song, “The Boat”, off of his debut album, Feast or Famine, is truly unforgettable. Although mostly just an acoustic guitar and Ragan singing, the sound is full and true enough to beat back most five pieces.
8. The Cool Kids
Do you like old school rap, bmx bikes or weird hipster fashion? If yes to any of those, you should probably listen to The Cool Kids. Any band that can make an entire song based on an Ice Cube lyric from the N.W.A. era is just pure awesome. To top it off, The Cool Kids are amazing live, with a really cool visual show to accompany the music.
7. William Elliot Whitmore
You might have heard of this guy, he’s gotten some press over the past few years. If you haven’t, do it now! His latest album, “Animals in the Dark”, is instrumentally sparse, but still as rich and full as anything else I’ve ever heard. Whitmore has a voice that harkens of dustbowls and broken whiskey bottles, true modern bluegrass from an unlikely soul.
6. Nightlights
This four piece from Florida hasn’t even put an album out yet, just a six song ep, but I predict a good future for these guys. Honest, melodic punk rock that just begs for a sing along. With songs that talk about home being as bad a place as any other, Nightlights need us to sing along.
5. Let Me Run
Another awesome melodic punk outfit, Let Me Run has released a mediocre album, and an unbelievably great ep, “Broken Strings”. The closing song on the ep, the unfortunately named “Brocomotive”, is the stand out track, and with lyrics that pierce through the guitar, drums, and bass, it’s easy to see why.
4. Hawks and Doves
The solo project of Gared from Planes Mistaken for Stars, Hawks and Doves has released only a two song ep. Luckily, both tracks are brilliant. Gared took out some of the teeth that made Planes so memorable, but he left enough in to make this worth a listen. Hopefully, he’ll release a full length later this year.
3. Captain We’re Sinking
Another really young band, this one from Pennsylvania, Captain We’re Sinking has been releasing a ton of free downloadable stuff over the past few months. Engrossing lyrics, ripsaw guitars and vocals that come close to being over the top, Captain We’re Sinking is a must listen if you enjoy punk rock.
2. Mixtapes
Hands down, my favorite band right now. Vocals that alternate between male and female, songs that alternate between acoustic and pop-punk, Mixtapes is at a stride that is just about perfect. Watch the video for “Sprinkles” or listen to the song “I’m Like”, and you’ll see what I’m talking about, these are young people having the time of their lives.
1. Frank Turner
This one is easy. Go on, and watch the video for the song “Long Live the Queen”, from the perfect album, “Love, Ire, and Song”. Nothing more needs to be said, but I will add that even little girls like Frank Turner, and he was nice enough to be photographed with my daughter last summer. Truly one of the greats.

I honestly don't think I've heard of half of these bands. (Should I really be admitting that?) ;) I'll have to rectify that as soon as possible!
Thank you for being here today, Aric!


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