Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Tour: Broken - Susan Jane Bigelow - Character Tweets

Susan Jane Bigelow's characters from Broken are here today in an interesting capacity. Have you ever wondered what your favourite characters might say if they had accounts on twitter? Look no further as Susan has created an awesome representation of her characters lives through the twitter medium. You can follow along with the rest of the Teen Book Scene blog tour for Broken here.

Note: these are all completely silly.

MonicaUNP: Totally tired of all this nasty stuff ppl say about aliens and nontraditional families. Stupid Reform Party



MonicaUNP: o dam #seeyouinjail


Silverwyng: Tweeting from midair!

CrimCadtLED: @Silverwyng just watch where you're going pls

Silverwyng: @CrimCadtLED don't worry @SkyRangerIII is with me!

CrimCadtLED: @Silverwyng @SkyRangerIII Ah. ...just please don't post pictures this time, okay?

SkyRangerIII: @CrimCadtLED LOL bro

CrimCadtLED: @SkyRangerIII I hate you.


Mforward2092: Surprise math quiz today. Failed.

UnaverageJoe: @Mforward2092 shouldn't you have seen that coming?

Mforward2092: @Unaveragejoe: ...shut up.


SkyRangerIII: Support the Reform Party in this year's elections! #reform2105

SkyRangerIII: The Extrahuman Union is 100% behind the Reformist effort to make the Confederation better! #reform2105

SkyRangerIII: See video of me with Reform Party candidate Damian Peltan on ConFedNews, live right now! #reform2105

BrokenNYC: @SkyRangerIII …

SkyRangerIII: @BrokenNYC who are you? I hope you're supporting the Reform Party! #reform2105

BrokenNYC: @SkyRangerIII sigh

Don't those tweets make you want to learn more about the characters and their world?
Thank you, Susan, for being here today!


In a post-war future world where First Contact has been made, humans are colonizing the stars, and the nations of Earth have been united under a central government, Extrahumans are required by law to belong to the Union. When a young man with visions of the future sets out on a mission to define the course of human history, he encounters a devastated former hero, a fascist dictatorship bent on world domination, and the realities of living in a society where affiliation is everything.
Synopsis taken from goodreads.


Kate @ Candlemark said...

...having read the book, I can honestly say I nearly died laughing at some of these.

Becky B. @ Bibliognome said...

Nice, love the tweets. Monica's tweets especially are great. :)