Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! 

I'll keep it short and succinct, and will also try to keep it book related. 2015 was a year of growth. A year of realizations. A year of introspection. A lot can change in one year. I've lost some friends, and I've gained new ones. I am looking forward to 2016, to getting back into reading, and blogging. As such, I have joined in the first book of the year which is hosted  by Sheila over at Book Journey

My first read for the year is... 
I have loved all of Patricia Briggs' books, and am looking forward to finally reading this one and getting it off of my review shelf. 

I wish all the best for you (everyone) this year, and hope that 2016 is the brightest and best year for you (everyone) to date. 

What is your first read for the year? 


Nise' said...

This is a series that I want to read! Happy New Year.

Corrine said...

It's a really good series! I've re-read the earlier titles while waiting for the newer ones. They are all good!