Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Promises to Keep - Jane Green

Successful photographer Callie Perry thinks she has a perfect life, although it may not be everyone's idea of happiness: a great job, lots of time with her children, but a workaholic husband. She couldn't be more unlike Steffi, her younger sister, who has never held down a job--or a boyfriend--for more than six months. Walter and Honor, their divorced and perpetually feuding parents, have almost given up hope that Steffi will ever learn what it is to be responsible... until they all receive a shocking message that changes their lives forever and brings them together one extraordinary summer in Maine.
Promises to Keep is about the hard choices we sometimes have to make, about having to be your parents' child long after you've grown up--and about the enduring nature of love.

Title: Promises to Keep
Author: Jane Green
Genre: Adult Fiction, Chick-lit, Women's Fiction
Publisher: Viking Canada
Publication Date: June 5, 2010
My Rating: 4/5

We start out following Steffi through her day to day routine, or lack thereof, and are introduced to the main character, her sister, Callie. We get to see all the joys and hardships of a mother with two young children; a husband who is always traveling for work, her work-from-home part time photography business, her children's extra-curricular activities, as well as her book club meetings. Callie's life is hectic, but she loves it that way.
We follow the lives of Steffi, Callie, and of Callie's best friend Lila. The humour, candid openness and genuine life obstacles make this a thought provoking novel. Callie is elegant throughout and is the epitome of a survivor. She is strong, family-oriented, and she definitely is a match-maker. I also enjoyed watching Steffi persevere through bad relationships, and hoped against hope that she'd actually find someone good for her. As the book progresses you see how much family and friends mean, and how much love, and support they have to offer.
The recipes were an added bonus, and I know I'll definitely be trying some of them myself. The characters were all well defined, and watching them interact with each other and the passersby in their lives makes this book well worth the read. There are so many elements that come together to make this book so heartbreakingly enjoyable. You will definitely need to keep some tissues handy.
All in all, an engaging and thought provoking read. Many of us have at one time or another had to deal with similar circumstances in our lives, and it truly is wonderful to see this family meld together to help and support each other through the obstacles that life has handed them.

Disclaimer: This book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Barbara from Penguin Canada for sending me this book to review.

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