Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

This weekend has been ridiculously hot, and it came on suddenly. We had frost the other week, and now we're in the spring heat wave. I've been trying to keep the place cool, but to no avail. My cats are all sprawled out wherever, just trying to keep cool, the fan and air conditioner fan are going as well. And the power seems to be flickering with the thunderstorm that we're in the middle of having. I'm glad that I unplugged the laptop, no power surges for me!

I'm reading The Front by Patricia Cornwell right now. I like her earlier stuff, but lately her writing is disjointed and very hard to follow and/or get into. This book is the second one in her new series; and I hated the first book. This one is a bit better right now, but I'm only on page 65, so a lot can happen from there until the end of the book.

The sky is definitely talking out there, the lights keep flickering, so I think I should post the post, otherwise I may not have it in a few minutes time.

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