Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog Tour: Deadly - Julie Chibbaro - Author Interview

Julie Chibbaro is here today with an author interview courtesy of the Teen Book Scene blog tour for her book, Deadly. Thank you for being here today, Julie! You can follow along with the tour here, or by clicking through the banner. Enjoy! 
Can you give us a description of DEADLY in haiku?

A girl scientist
fights a fever spread by
Typhoid Mary, cook

If you could jump into any story, and live out the story alongside the characters, what world/story would you most like to visit?

Most of the books and stories I love are pretty godawful worlds I wouldn't exactly want to visit. Like in The God of Small Things, she lives in a poor part of India. In The Poisonwood Bible, they live in a terrible part of Africa. I'm attracted to dark stories about people who overcome, or don't. That is the fascinating part for me.

What wouldn't you want to see grace the headlines of a major newspaper about you? What would you want it to say?

Um, is that a trick question? I wouldn't want to see anything about my housekeeping abilities. They're just embarrassing. I would want the headlines to talk about what a good mother I am. I think that's been a point of pride for me. And, of course, about my stellar writing ability, hee, hee!

If you were given the power to have three wishes granted, what would you choose?

Wish number one: Enough money to take care of my family and be generous with others in the world. Number two: A cure for cancer. Number three: to go back in time and use that cure on the people I've lost.

If you were a tree, which kind of tree would you be and why?

I think I'd like to be a banana tree. I love their long, elegant leaves, and the fruit they produce.

Thank you for answering my questions, and for being here today, Julie! 

Julie Chibbaro can be found on her website, and on twitter


Prudence Galewski doesn’t belong in Mrs. Browning’s esteemed School for Girls. She doesn’t want an “appropriate” job that makes use of refinement and charm. Instead, she is fascinated by how the human body works—and why it fails.
Prudence is lucky to land a position in a laboratory, where she is swept into an investigation of a mysterious fever. From ritzy mansions to shady bars and rundown tenements, Prudence explores every potential cause of the disease to no avail—until the volatile Mary Mallon emerges. Dubbed “Typhoid Mary” by the press, Mary is an Irish immigrant who has worked as a cook in every home the fever has ravaged. But she’s never been sick a day in her life. Is the accusation against her an act of discrimination? Or is she the first clue in solving one of the greatest medical mysteries of the twentieth century?
Synopsis taken from goodreads

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