Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Tour: Under My Skin - Judith Graves - Guest Post - Giveaway

Judith Graves is here today courtesy of Teen Book Scene to promote the first book in her Skinned series, Under My Skin. You can follow along with the rest of the tour here. To learn more about the series, you can visit Judith's website here.

Seeing that it is October, the month of thrills and chills, and knowing that Judith is an avid horror movie buff, I decided to ask what her 10 favourite "supernatural themed" movies are. I've only seen two of the titles listed, but loved them. I ask everyone reading this post, which ones have you seen?

What are your top 10 favourite supernatural movies?

I’m a big horror movie buff, so it’s tough to limit myself to a top 10. How about the Top of My Head 10?

Fright Night
The Exorcist
The Shining
American Werewolf in London
Ginger Snaps
Let the Right One in
Amityville Horror
The Lost Boys
Young Frankenstein (Reanimating the dead counts as supernatural, right? Plus – this film is just a kick in the pants.)
Evil Dead

Thanks for that post, Judith! I've watched Ginger Snaps and The Lost Boys. I loved The Lost Boys. Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and Kiefer Sutherland. What's not to love? ;)

All her parents wanted was for Eryn to live a normal life...

Redgrave had its share of monsters before Eryn moved to town. Mauled pets, missing children. The Delacroix family is taking the blame, but Eryn knows the truth. Something stalks the night. Wade, the police chief's son and Redgrave High's resident hottie, warns her the Delacroix are dangerous. But then so is Eryn--in fact, she's lethal.

But she can't help falling for one of the Delacroix boys, dark, brooding--human Alec. And then her world falls apart.

A normal life? Now that's the real fairytale.
(Synopsis taken from goodreads.)


I've decided to give away a copy of Under My Skin. Contest is international (through the Book Depository) and will end November, 12, 2010.
Giveaway has ENDED. Thank you to those who participated!
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tina werner said...

the exorcist has got to be the scariest movies ever! i've seen a few others on the list... lost boys is also a great movie!

thanks for the contest, "under my skin" sounds really good!

Linda Henderson said...

My top ten would be.

1. The Exorcist
2. Amityville Horror
3. The Shining
4. Friday the 13th
5. Halloween
6. Nightmare on Elm Street
7. Blade
8. The Harry Potter movies
9. Hocus Pocus
10.The Witches Of Eastwick

seriousreader at live dot com

Jessy said...

I am really behind on scary movies. I'll be sure to catch up with a few of these. One of my all time favorites has to be Candyman.

Ren @ All By Myshelf said...

The only one I've seen from that list is Young Frankenstein. I'm not that into horror movies, and usually leave the room about a quarter of the way in. T_T

Thanks for the giveaway! ^_^

donnas said...

Thanks for sharing! I love The Lost Boys. And only seen the Exorcist once and I cant watch it again.

Vicky said...

I loved most of the movies in you Top 10! They're all great except The Lost Boys which I haven't seen.

Misha said...

I haven't watched many scary movies because I am so afraid of them.
Thanks for the contest! This book is on my wishlist

MannaB said...

I have been wanting to read this for a while now. Thanks for the chance to win it!

Chrystal said...

I have seen quite a few on her list. I would have to say Lost Boys is one of my faves. And well I really need to watch Ginger Snaps - I keep hearing lots about it.

Oh and I reviewed Under My Skin a little while back and LOVED IT. :)

Great guest post!

FairyWhispers said...

this is pretty interesting...

Png said...

would love to read this,

I don't like scary movies, unless they're part comedy like the disney show, with the haunted mansion and a family or somesort.



skyla11377 said...

I have seen Fright Night, The Exorcist, The Shining, American Werewolf in London, Ginger Snaps, Amityville Horror, The Lost Boys,
Young Frankenstein, and Evil Dead. The only one I haven't seen was Let The Right One In. I love watching scary movies especially on Halloween night.

Laina said...

Ginger Snaps!! I love those movies, they're totally awesome :D And Lost Boys is a CLASSIC.

Unknown said...

The original THE SHINING with Jack Nicholson is a really scary movie in my opinion. You could really see the crazy on his face!


veronica said...

love the lost boys and the shining.

Anonymous said...

I don't like scary movies. Thanks for the giveaway.

Carla said...

I like Scary movies and I have to say The Shinning is a great one! The Exorcist is pretty good as well.

Thanks for the giveaway.